Contest – October 2010

[tweetmeme source=”forevernocturne” only_single=false service=””] We’re having a new contest for our October 2010 issue! Are you ready for it? Grab your notebook and get ready for the details.

Recently, I had a previously published by us writer ask what we were looking for in this next issue. I had to think about it because this writer wanted something new and fresh to write about. And I think I may have just the thing.

I started a story last year, but haven’t had time to finish it. I didn’t get very far into it either, but I love the premise. I’d like you to finish it. I’d like you to take it where I couldn’t and didn’t have time to. Can I get a hells yeah for prompts?

Okay, here are the gory details:

Title: Twitter Me Not (you can change this if you’d like)

Premise: A serial killer who finds his victims via Twitter by location and Googling them. (makes that whole locations thing a bit scary, huh?). S/he specifically searches the phrase “please just kill me now” on Twitter, and then searches them out in real life to answer their request.

Word count: 2500 words max

Prompt #1:

Please just kill me now, Kristie typed onto her screen and clicked ‘tweet’. She blew out a frustrated breath, the day’s humility passing between her lips in a rush of hot air. Her fingers pinched the bridge of her nose, between her eyes, as the headache slammed into the front of her brain. She’d fucked up at work, big time. In fact, she wasn’t sure how she’d recover from this mistake. It might get her fired. She was already on probation for the last mistake.

“God, please, don’t let that happen,” she muttered. It was hard enough finding the job she had.

She pulled up a blank Word document and typed out the beginnings of a little poem that would never see the light of day.

I’m teetering on the edge

Looking down into that well

The one I escaped recently

The one that goes to hell



Yeah, that was crap. Kristie hit the delete button several times until it was gone and only a blank screen stared back at her. She would never get this day back, never in a million years. All she wanted right now was to curl up in a corner and die.

Prompt #2:

Allen’s fingers frolicked away at the keyboard in their search for the next request. Oh, to find one with a “please” in it; those were always special, so polite and inviting. He gasped when the screen flickered and changed to show him the real-time results. Hundreds immediately and an update of 20 more within seconds. It didn’t matter how many times he’d done it, it always surprised him. So many choices, but how does one choose just one? Of course, he would return for the next, but he must only choose one at a time. So much work goes into each gift, especially if it required a substantial amount of travel.

“Oh, look at that, Zeus,” he said to his cat while the black beast purred on his lap as his fingers ran over the soft fur. Zeus’ bright yellow eyes flicked to the screen. “There’s one right here in town.” He leaned forward as he clicked on the avatar, pulling it up for a full view. “She’s pretty, too.”

Zeus purred louder, signaling to Allen that this was the one to choose. He highlighted her name and began his search for her. It didn’t take long. Google maps helped with the viewing of streets. Mapquest gave him directions once he found her address. No, not long at all.

More gory details:

You can use part or all of either prompt, or just run with your own idea. All I ask is that you don’t hold back, and stick to the Twitter serial killer idea. You may also change names, pets, etc. Oh yes, and there will be prizes!

Prizes abound:

1st place will receive a $50 gift card to the place of your choice (as long as we can purchase it somewhere and can include Visa, Target, Amazon, etc.) and will also be featured in the October 2010 issue. That means featured writer and featured story.

2nd place will receive a $20 gift card to the place of your choice and will be published within the October 2010 issue, providing the stories aren’t too similar.

3rd place will receive a $10 gift card to the place of your choice and will be published within the October 2010 issue, providing the stories aren’t too similar.

Deadline: September 1st, 2010, before NL Gervasio goes to bed (which will technically make it September 2nd).


  1. You must follow this blog and leave a comment below telling us you’ve done so.
  2. You must produce an original story outside of the prompts and it must be your own work.
  3. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash (that’s why I mentioned the Visa gift card).
  4. You must edit your own work. We reserve the right to decline your submission if it requires editing. Bring your top game, folks.
  5. The idea/premise of this story belongs to NL Gervasio and cannot be used outside of this contest.
  6. By submitting to this contest, you are agreeing to these rules and are granting permission to Running Ink Press (i.e., Forever Nocturne E-zine) to publish submitted work.
  7. *First North American Serial Rights apply


Any places of commerce mentioned are not affiliated with this contest, Forever Nocturne, or Running Ink Press. We reserve the right not to publish any story we choose, based on a number of factors, including a need for edits, not following the rules/submission guidelines, going over on the word count, etc.

You have 2 ½ months to get this written. Go! When you’ve completed and edited your story, submit it to Please be sure OCTOBER CONTEST 2010 is in the SUBJECT line. Do NOT include attachments; they will be deleted without opening. Please place your story in the body of the email. Thank you.

* FIRST NORTH AMERICAN SERIAL RIGHTS:When an author grants a journal or magazine First North American Serial Rights to a story or poem, the periodical acquires the right to be the first publisher of the work in North America and for some time after the work appears in print-typically 60 to 90 days, or the length of time the issue with the author’s work in it is “current”-no other journal is allowed to publish that same work. Afterward, an author, as holder of the copyright, is free to submit the work elsewhere.

Reversion of Rights and Withdrawal of Offer to Publish.

8(a). In the event that the WORK is not published within twelve (12) months of signing of this agreement, all rights revert to the AUTHOR, and the AUTHOR has the right to sell or arrange for publication of the above-named WORK in any manner.

8(b). In the event that the signed  agreement by the AUTHOR is not returned to the PUBLISHER by email within thirty (30) days of sending to the AUTHOR, the PUBLISHER’S offer to publish the WORK shall be considered withdrawn.


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  1. Definitely count me in! *subscribes and opens up a Word document*

  2. ALE! I’m so happy to see you here!!!

    Look forward to seeing what you both come up with. =)

  3. Subscribed, and the idea is already rolling! 🙂

  4. See what 2am curiousity does? I clicked on your web page via twitter and voila Here you are. Had to leave it open to actually read it next day you know? I have a couple of good ideas on this. Maybe take some of my earlier scenes and adapt… hmmm, yes. Excitement abounds inmy writier’s imagination.

  5. Subscribed!

    Love the premise, can’t wait to have fun with it.

  6. This is an amazing prompt… hopefully I’ll have something ready!

  7. Gonna give it a try! Also, am subscribing/following whatever wordpress calls it.

  8. Welcome aboard John and Tessa! Good luck! 🙂

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