Alabama Nightstalk

by NL Gervasio

Amber eyes found her the moment she walked into the bar. Hungered eyes. Lustful eyes. And she was perfect. In every way. Long brown hair. Long legs. Large breasts. Not huge, by any means, but perfect. Just the way he liked them. Chocolate eyes briefly met with his and he gave his best smile to lure her in. She returned the gesture coyly with soft pink lips. A twinkle in her eye. It had worked.

Let the hunting begin.

He stepped out of view briefly, into the crowd. Once he had a view of her again, he stopped and stood idly, waiting to see what she would do. It was hard to miss her tall, slender frame. As it was, he assumed, hard to miss his. She looked around, eyes rolling over the crowd slowly, but not too obvious. Their eyes locked again, and he gave a short nod and took a drink from his bottle of Heineken. It would be the only one he would have tonight, so he worked on it gingerly.

He watched her as she took her drink from the bar and turned around.

Her big brown eyes searched where she had last seen the tall man with the long black hair, but he had moved again.

Closer, but hidden. He stood behind a small group, but her eyes found him once more, and he gave a shy smile and turned away, playing the game.

Her companion, a blonde-haired woman nearly as tall as she was, pulled her out to the dance floor. He watched from the shadows. He liked the way she moved upon that dance floor, and he envisioned how she would move beneath him. On top would probably be better. He wanted to taste her, ravage her, sink his teeth into that precious flesh. She found his hungry eyes washing over her and smirked. He let out a short laugh and raised his drink. Then he moved again, out of sight. Still, closer. He watched as her eyes searched for him. Precious dark brown eyes.

The better to see me with, he thought. There, you found me again with those beautiful eyes of yours. Her friend leaned over to whisper in her ear, distracting her from him. He moved once more.

He now stood at the dance floor’s edge, behind her and next to a speaker. She turned slowly, gracious in her movement with the beat of the music that thumped through his body. Thump. Thump. Thump. When her eyes fell upon him, she stopped. He smiled, staring into her passionate eyes. She returned the smile and began dancing again…for him. His grin broadened, and he stepped forward, his hand slipping around her waist and pulling her close. She didn’t seem to mind. He leaned over her and the scent of magnolia drifted into his nostrils. His favorite flower.

“Gideon,” he said softly in her ear. She pulled her head back and gave him a funny look. He smiled. “No bible jokes, please. I’ve heard them all.”

She giggled and leaned into him again. “Gia,” she replied. It was his turn to give the strange look. “Short for Giovanna.”

He nodded with a smile. Her voice was beauty too, and he couldn’t wait for her to cry his name. And her giggle—a nice flirtation.

“You’re not from ’round here, are you?”

She shook her head. “I’m from Colorado.”

“Visitin’ a friend or family?” he asked, and she nodded. “For how long?”

“The weekend,” she replied. “Too short, if you ask me.”

He smiled. “What’s so special here that you would need more than a weekend?”

“My best friend” –she jacked a thumb over her right shoulder— “We haven’t seen each other in nearly ten years.”

“Then I must be intruding,” he said as his eyes locked with hers. A sly smile touched her lips; her head shaking back and forth in answer. He grinned. Good, he thought, because you are my prey for the night.

She wanted a bottle of water, but he told her to stay with her friend. The scent of alcohol on her was slight, almost unnoticeable. Perhaps she drank the same as him: only one. He watched her from the bar as she danced with her friend while he waited for two bottles of water and a rum and coke. The alcohol was for the friend. He didn’t know her name. It wasn’t important. He wasn’t hunting her.

He returned with the drinks, and she took the bottle of water, opening it and drinking half of it down, her eyes remaining on his. She thanked him and began to dance around him. He laughed at this game, but knew it well, though hers was slightly different as she danced her seduction. She wasn’t playing games like the others had. No wolf and rabbit here. No playing hard to get. His beautiful prey knew exactly what she wanted. It wouldn’t take all night, and that pleased him because he was hungry for her.

Her body moved against his, breasts pushing into his chest. His hands slipped around her waist once more, moving to the small of her back and pushing her groin into his. Gideon noticed the friend smiling before turning to dance with another. It was a knowing smile, but the action intrigued him, if only briefly.

Gia’s tongue slipped around his ear and he shuddered from it. Then her teeth nibbled on his earlobe. He returned the favor and felt her flesh warm. Before long, his lips found hers. Soft lips. Precious eyes. Smooth skin. He was famished for her.

They danced a few more songs, giving in to the beat of the bass thrumming through the speakers. Thump. Thump. Thump. He pulled her out to the patio. A quiet place. In the darkness that fell around them. His hand slipped to the back of her head and he pulled her close for a kiss. Soft lips. Precious skin. Seductive eyes. The better to see me with, he thought again. But do you see me? He nibbled on her lower lip, taking a taste of her. She grinned and returned the gesture. Perhaps you do, he thought.

They walked out to his jet black GTO and climbed in. She pulled on the seatbelt as he turned the engine. It purred, much in the way he expected her to purr for him in a short time. He stared at her a moment as the seatbelt clicked.

“You can never be too careful,” she said with a warm smile.

Gideon agreed and clicked his seatbelt into place.

“So, where are you taking me?” she asked.

His eyes slid to their corners and he grinned. “Where do you want to go?”

“Heaven,” she replied with a sigh.

He chuckled. “Oh, I think I can take you there.”

She giggled. Flirtation again, though not necessary at this point.

They pulled up to his lonely home that sat amidst vast farmlands and backed a forest.

“Oh, I love the forest,” she said, taking notice of its beauty in the moonlight.

“Me too,” he replied as he opened his door.

When she climbed out of the car, she twirled in a circle, looking up at the sky. “Look at all the stars. I don’t get to see stars like this at home.”

He smiled. “Damn shame. Do you want to lie in the backyard and stare at the stars?”

Her head dropped down quickly as the grin spread across her face. Porcelain face. Precious eyes. Soft lips. Did her eyes just glint in the light? She twirled her long dark hair around her finger and nodded.

“Come on then,” he said, heading for the house. She hopped and caught up to him, and her fingers danced around his waist while he unlocked the front door. He snatched a blanket up from the couch when they skirted through the living room and into the kitchen. He stopped briefly at the back door.

“Do you want a beer or something?”

Her eyes sparkled in the darkness. “No thanks, I don’t drink that much.”

“Me either,” he said and opened the back door.

He stood to the side and waved her through, bowing a little, and she stepped out onto the concrete steps that led down into his glorious yard. She hopped down the stairs and kicked her sandals off, allowing her feet to sink into the luxurious Alabama grass. She let her head drop back only slightly and she sighed. Gideon stepped around her and walked toward the center of the yard by the time she opened her eyes again. He unfolded the blanket and laid it down, then sat upon it, waiting for her.

She sat down, facing the forest, and stared into its dark beauty, the soft moonlight only casting short rays of light to penetrate its forbidden mysteries, but faltering just short of reaching them.

“You really do love the forest,” Gideon said after noticing the wistful stare.

She turned to look at him again, her eyes definitely glinting in the moonlight this time. “I love its hidden treasures.” She looked into the trees once more. “Wolves live in the forest.”

“Yes,” he said. “Do you like wolves?”

She nodded. “I love wolves, everything about them. Their beauty, their grace. They are one of the most majestic creatures on this planet.”

He’d met others who revered the wolf like this. But would she show fear in the face of one? It was one thing to adore a wild animal; an entirely different thing to come face to face with one. There were several wolves in the forest behind his home. He loved them. Had even gotten close to them. Had let his fingers drift through their coats.

He fell back onto the blanket and stared up at the stars. Her head fell against his arm and they both stared into the midnight sky.

Her fingers trailed along his hip, petting lightly as a star drifted against the black velvet sky. His hand came up from around her shoulder and his fingers touched softly between her breasts, sinking into the low v-neck she wore. He turned toward her, his other hand sliding across her stomach, underneath her shirt. His heart pounded heavily in his chest. Thump. Thump. Thump. Much like the music had earlier. She smiled.

He hovered over her as she stared into his amber eyes, and his tongue teased her lips, lightly touching and then pulling away. Then he took her mouth in his, kissing her deeply. Devouring. Soft lips. Smooth skin. Beating heart. A soft moan came from her throat. Not quite purring just yet. But he would get her there. Her leg locked around his, and pulled him on top of her. His hunger for her heightened. Only slightly. His lips devoured hers, and then slid to her neck. Sweet neck. Smooth skin. Rapid pulse. Something of a noise. Not a purr.

Her fingers slowly worked his shirt up. Strong muscles. Smooth skin. Tender flesh. He pulled his shirt off and threw it to the grass. Her fingers trailed down his chest, to his navel, teasing his skin. She pushed herself up on elbows and he leaned forward, his fingers lightly touching the hem of her shirt. She sat up, took his face in her hands and kissed him again. He pulled her shirt off and threw it to the grass. His heart beat harder. Perfect breasts. Just the way he liked them. She went back on her elbows again and he slowly crawled over her. Stalking her. His prey. The moonlight reflected in her eyes. Dark brown eyes. Ebony eyes in the dark of night. Beautiful eyes. His face lingered in front of hers before he quickly moved to the left and bit her neck. She gasped with pleasure. Quick breaths. Smooth skin. Heart beating. He unhooked her bra. It found itself on the grass, too. Oh so perfect breasts. He smiled at her. A pleasant smile. Lips trailed down her neck, to her breast. He took it into his mouth, full. A moan. A soft growl. Playful, like a wolf. He slid to the other breast. Smooth skin. Beating heart. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Her fingers trailed along his back. Nails scratched when he bit down on her breast. A low growl. Again, playful. His tongue slid down her stomach, following every curve. Smooth skin. Like silk. Blood, just under the surface. He undid her pants and pulled her legs free of them. She giggled. His prey. He would eat her up. And down.

The moon shone brightly, casting his shadow over her. He grinned. Her hand slid around his neck, into his long black hair. She pulled him down, into a kiss again. His body moved against her, pressing into her, only the denim of his pants between them. Her fingers trailed down his chest, to his waist, and played at the waistline of his jeans before working the buttons. He helped her push them off.

The full length of him pressed hard against her thigh. She reached down and took him in her hand. Gentle strokes, like she already knew him. Knew what he liked. Good prey. Eyes rolled. Quiet sigh. Tender bites.

A low growl. Almost a purr, coming from her throat. He moved with her gently, their motion becoming one. She felt good. He nibbled on her neck. Love bites. She told him to bite harder. He did. He took hold of the pulse in her neck. Thump. Thump. Thump. Beating heart. The first cry. She liked it. Blood beneath her flesh, rushing through her veins like a river. He could almost taste it.

His body matched hers perfectly. He liked it. He liked her. His prey. Her dark brown eyes with hints of amber. The light glow of her skin in the soft moonlight. He pushed into her. Quickened the motion. Hearts beating faster. Gasping breaths.

“Gideon,” she said, barely a whisper on her breath. Her movements, her reactions, just like he envisioned. Her prey to his predator. Her predator to his prey. A rip in the blanket. She cried, like he knew she would. Cried his name. But he wasn’t finished with her. Not yet. He rolled to his back and pulled her with him. She leaned over him and bit his neck. Love bites, as his hands ran the length of her body. Skin smooth. Silk-like. A soft moan. He liked her bites. Told her to bite harder. She grinned.

“Are you sure?”

He nodded. She did. She bit harder.

He cried out. He liked it. He hungered for her to bite again. Quick breaths, as she moved on top of him. Good prey.

A howl in the night. From the forest. Wolf song. She giggled as she ravaged him. The sound brought a small grin to his lips before her mouth took them again. Sweet lips. Soft skin. Perfect breasts pressed against his chest. The fine hair tickling his skin. A shudder. Goosebumps. Her back arched. He cried out.

She bit again.

Flesh tore. Blood trickled, and then flowed.

Eyes widened.

He looked into her glinting amber eyes. The scent of blood filled the air. Blood dripped, looking black in the dark of night, with only the moon to cast its light, bearing witness. Smooth skin. Precious eyes. Beating heart. Thump. Thump. Thump. He closed his eyes briefly. Thump. Thump. Opened them again.

“Good prey.”


Wolf song. In the night.

Her predator to his prey.


Amber eyes. Long, soft ebony hair. Smooth skin. Strong muscles. Sweet lips. A good mate.

He groaned. A gurgle. Soft bubbles popped.

She jumped up and pulled her cell phone out of her pants pocket. Dialed the number and tossed the pants back to the grass. Friend picked up the other end.

“Hey Syn,” she said. “Come get me.” She looked down at him. “I’m done.” She hung up the phone, but before picking up her clothes and walking away from him, she looked over her shoulder to the forest. The howl started low and deep in her throat, and the others joined her song. She took in a deep breath, grabbed her things, and walked away from his body.

She didn’t devour him. She left him whole, alive.

He’d come find her soon enough. They always did.

She liked him. He’d make a good mate. He already knew how to hunt.



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