Editor’s Corner (NL Gervasio)

Welcome to Forever Nocturne e-zine!

This online magazine began as a frustrated solution to the complexities of submitting work to magazines, agents and publishers. Quite simply, we have grown weary of researching people who are going to reject us, so we thought and discussed with one another, “Why not start our own magazine to publish our work?” It was merely in jest until a dear friend, now co-conspirator, noticed the conversation and said, “DO IT!”

Full Moon Press is an electronic publishing company, owned and operated by the people you will find within the pages of this first edition. We four are from various parts of the western United States and have come together to bring you tales of horror, romance, comedy, tragedy, and so on. Most commonly, you will notice a new genre, which we like to call “Modern Gothic Horror Romance.” This is simply because some of us like to work in the macabre, as well as the romance, areas. Our stories revolve around vampires, werewolves, the super-natural, and all those things that go bump in the night. But what is a story without a good romance tale in the mix? Essentially, blood and gore if it’s in the horror genre, but don’t worry, some of that will grace the pages of the magazine, too.

So, without much further ado, we bid you welcome and hope you enjoy the read. Oh, and you will find a few clickable items within these pages.

Thank you,


NL Gervasio


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