Mad December Projects

by NL Gervasio

What is Mad December? Is it a time in which everyone partakes in the mad rush of holiday shopping? Nah. Mad December Projects is a film company owned and operated by film producer and director Mychael Dylan Brenk.

Dylan’s talent is unsurpassed for his ability to enhance his films, even serious ones, with an undying wit that will likely go unnoticed, save by those who follow his work. You can find him here:

Dylan is also a part of this… FFAFF… Yes, that’s right, it’s the Free For All Film Festival, and it only happens once a year. You may wonder what exactly it is besides being FREE.

FFAFF began in February 2007 with its first appearance in Flagstaff, AZ. The main idea behind FFAFF was to have a film festival where film students could show their work and make it free to the public. Needless to say, it was a great success and another festival will appear again this year. Where, we don’t know yet, as the creators of this festival intend to have it in a different place every year, but you can keep tabs on it here:


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