Our current publication schedule is March and October.

Forever Nocturne is actively looking for unknown authors and artists. Is it you?  If you think so, read our terms and then click I Agree to the Terms for Written Work (or I Agree to the Terms for Art Work) at the bottom of the page. Please be sure that “Submission for e-zine” is in the subject line. We ask that you place your submission in the body of the email. Please do not send attachments, as they will be deleted, unless you are an artist submitting artwork, in which case you will need to add “Art” to the subject line.

We accept previously published authors.  At this time, we do not pay for the work we publish; however, we are working toward offering payment.

First and foremost, all authors are expected to EDIT and PROOFREAD their work before submission. Of course, we will also read it, but it is in your best interest to make an outstanding first impression, as the work you send us is our first impression of you. Our editors are quite busy and are looking more for content and voice than misspellings and punctuation errors. If you require editing services, please take a look at our Editing page.

We are looking for new, innovative, eye-catching original tales and poetry. We lean toward darker stories, so if you write horror or any of its subgenres, submit it and we’ll take a look. This includes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, horror thriller, etc. Do not be put off by this if you do not write dark fiction!! If you have an engaging, quality story of any genre, please take a chance and submit. First and foremost, we’re trying to help unknown authors and artists generate a following. It never hurts to ask.


  • SHORT STORIES: Short story submissions for the magazine, herein referred to as “the ‘zine,” should be 1,000 to 5,000 words in length.
  • POETRY: Obviously, there is no length on poetry submissions unless, of course, it is in excess. If you have a specific format designed for your poetry, please be sure to tell us. This includes photos you would like to use, but PLEASE do not send images with your submission. If you have an image you would like to use with your submission, please mention that in your submission e-mail. We cannot use images f you do not own the copyright, do not have permission to use them, or are not of the free copyright variety.
  • NEWS ARTICLES: Feel us out about your topic first. Please keep in mind that you should be knowledgeable about your subject. All our reputations are on the line.
  • WRITING ARTICLES:  Do you have some writing advice for aspiring writers out there? If so, we’d love to see it. 
  • ART/PHOTOS: We are looking for original works of art to display in our magazine. The work MUST be yours and we will research it. Please e-mail us if you have something you would like to submit and be sure to add “Art” to the Subject line or we will delete the e-mail unread.
  • SERIAL STORIES: Again, feel us out first. We need to have an idea of the total word count and the subject matter.
  • COPYRIGHT: Authors maintain all copyright information for their work(s). They are able to submit to other companies while waiting for acceptance from Running Ink Press. If you submit a first work to us, we ask, upon acceptance of said work, to have First North American Serial Rights* to the publication of said work.


By submitting your work to us, you agree:

  1. to allow us to publish the submitted work in the next issue only.
  2. to allow your work to be presented by Forever Nocturne in electronic and/or printed form for a period of six months.
  3. to grant Forever Nocturne exclusive publishing rights for a period of six months if your work is accepted.
  4. that you understand we offer no guarantee of payment for your work. If we receive enough donations to cover administrative costs (such as domain name and hosting), any additional funds will be distributed among the submitting authors.
  5. that you understand your submission may be rescinded at any time UNTIL PUBLICATION DATE (March 17 and October 31). After publication date, you are obligated under this submission agreement in its entirety.

By accepting your submission for publication, we agree to:

  1. notify you prior to publication if your work has not been accepted so that you may submit elsewhere.
  2. notify you prior to publication that your work has been accepted, so that you may decline our or others’ offers.
  3. not alter your work in any way other than correcting typographical errors or misspellings.
  4. revert your publishing rights back to you upon expiration of agreement (6 months from publication date).
  5. remove any electronic version from our website upon expiration of agreement.
  6. divide any donation funds exceeding administrative costs amongst the submitting authors of an issue. We do not pay ourselves for administering this website.

By clicking one of the links below, you are confirming that you read and agree to the above terms.

I Agree to the Terms for Written Work                                           I Agree to the Terms for Art Work

* FIRST NORTH AMERICAN SERIAL RIGHTS: When an author grants a journal or magazine First North American Serial Rights to a story or poem, the periodical acquires the right to be the first publisher of the work in North America and for some time after the work appears in print-typically 60 to 90 days, or the length of time the issue with the author’s work in it is “current”-no other journal is allowed to publish that same work. Afterward, an author, as holder of the copyright, is free to submit the work elsewhere.

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