Editor’s Corner

Here we are, arriving on the doorstep of another Halloween, almost four years after Forever Nocturne came into being. I can still remember hashing out the details, trying to choose a name, a logo, a theme, a venue, driven by our desire to put our work before the public eye. Much has been lost regarding those long-ago conversations, but one thing remains: our dedication to promoting unknown, little known, well-known, indie [and any other adjective that fits] authors.

We’ve branched out from simply offering a free e-zine to being a legal LLC. Running Ink Press published its fourth work in July, with more to come by the end of the year. The indie movement has swept through both camps – authors and publishers – and boutique publishers such as Running Ink Press are springing up left and right, offering some wonderful writing from independent authors. It’s a very exciting time to be a writer.

October 2011’s issue is entirely online; we will be offering a PDF version for free on Scribd, as always, but due to a [wonderful, long-anticipated and prayed for] wedding in Jinxie’s family (on Halloween, no less!), we just simply didn’t have the time to format a print version, but will make that available as soon as possible.

While we accept submissions in any genre, this issue seems to have attracted all dark and disturbing stories – which we love! – and some excellent, equally dark poetry. Since we have some longer pieces, we aren’t offering as varied an author list as usual. We hope you enjoy our offerings regardless.

Warmest Regards,

Sharon Gerlach


Forever Nocturne E-zine


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