Romance of Sinking Boats

by Heather Mykkole Glover

Image by viryboss

I walked along the sea.

The care of the salt

gently caressed my face,

while my feet absorbed 

the fondness of the 

mirth that splayed with 

the swell and the foam.

The glittering stones

and the constant rise,

had given way to 

confessions of tears 

and the illumination

of free fear.

The whys of the unkind,

had danced on the inside

and the rush of

smiles knocked me

back forewarned.

Every dream

and every talused grip,

burned, dragged and 

eclipsed me to a place,

where traffic laundered

and inclinations of

solace had soothed me.

The sea had led me.

Hand in hand,

to the treasure that lied

at the bottom of her love.

Her truths had spoken in

ornamental vapored disguises,

and her body was 

wracked with colors 

that crooned to my 

heavy December heart. 

“I’m coming,”

I had called. 

I had waded by 

the edge,

and looked for 

the passing of time.

I had lost the fight

and temptation finally

found my steep.

I leaned into the fall

and words had came

to call:

“Crave us more,”

they begged.

“It’s too soon.”

I had walked along

the sea, 

and left her truths 

buried with my 

secret once more.

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