The Witch of Discontent

by Allison Claire

Artwork by Aunia Kahn

Existing in the dark to ensnare your trance

I can cure your madness with my spells

Evil envelopes me as I hunt for my power

Lost in the reflection of past sentiments

I know the desolation of my heart, no feelings remain

Hopelessly fallen, destined to remain with demons

Desiring release from the bondage of my suffering

Destroying dragons that possess supremacy

Abolishing fairies that hold the keys to tranquillity

Blood drips with indiscretion

My magic can not release me from my guilt

My beauty does not make me immune to torment

My fever burns with loneliness

The witch of discontent

About Allison Claire

In Allison’s own words, she is “the pale princess of a palace cracked and Alice through the looking glass.” Allison loves music, art, reading, and writes very evocative poetry.


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